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WP Toolkit Video Magic Review - Boost Your WP Blog & Video Marketing

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WP Toolkit Video Magic REVIEW – What it is?

WP Toolkit Video Magic is a perfect alternative for existing expensive video hosting platforms that will embed any video on your WordPress website to extremely boost your viewstraffic, and conversions.

Up until now, whatever it is you are struggling with on YouTube, be it SEO, Video Thumbnails, Playlist Management, Video Editing, Managing Followers, Managing Multiple Channels, Replying Comments, Deleting Offensive Comments, Tracking Users’ Behavior, Channel Analytics, etc. YouTubio is going to change the YouTube & video marketing game for you forever!

WP Toolkit Video Magic is a WordPress plugin that all you to host, add video on your blog, website, or Project pages. It gives Super-fast Video Delivery Option that are hosted on S3, AWS CloudFront and that all is with simple 3 steps, nothing complicated for setup. 1 Click CloudFront Setup will host your video on your page that will give video fast with high quality and high transfer speed.

Add Video with Shortcodes on Page and also check out the statistics of your video like how many views are there or how long your video average played by users. You could also Display Timed Content and also any Buttons below the Video that you could fully customize as they are in HTML Format.

WP Toolkit Video Magic

WP Toolkit Video Magic demo video here


Big Savings

WP Video Magic works with both Amazon S3 & CloudFront, giving you instant access to some of the cheapest and most powerful video hosting. Amazon’s low pricing will make your savings add up very quickly.

WP Toolkit Video Magic Review - Boost Your WP Blog & Video Marketing

Don’t Need Your Own Videos

WP Video Magic naturally also works with YouTube so you can easily add videos to your blogs and start enjoying all the other features… even if you’ve never recorded a single video before.

Easy 1-Click Setup

You access to Easy CloudFront Integration and 1-Click CloudFront setup. You don’t need any technical skills or experience to get started and you can quickly get your first video up even if you’ve never used Amazon for video hosting before

Mobile Responsive

Your videos will be 100% mobile responsive and will play perfectly on all types of devices. This means you will get the most out of all your views and never lose a potential sale again.


Video Player Included

WP Video Magic naturally comes with its own inbuilt state-of-the-art HTML5 Video Player so you no longer have to rely on broken flash players. And you don’t have to worry about finding and paying for a 3rd party player.


Zero Ads & Links

Embed and play your videos with zero ads and no links to other people’s related videos. So you can stop bleeding profit by sending your traffic to the competition.

Smooth Viewing Experience

Set your videos to autoplay if you like and hide/show the video controls with a single click. You can even choose if you want the video to start auto-buffering as soon as the page is loaded, to give your visitors a smooth viewing experience.

Delayed Buttons & Links

Easily set any HTML content to appear beneath your video at a specific time. You can use this for delayed order buttons, opt-in forms, links or any other HTML content. This feature will turn your videos into high converting sales machines.

Encrypted & Secure

WP Video Magic comes with a full Amazon S3 Media Manager that makes it simple to find and use the videos on your S3 account.We’ve also added an download security & encryption for all S3 hosted files.

Numbers That Drive Profit

Understand exactly how your videos are performing, what people are watching, where and for how long. Our Advanced Media Analytics will give you all the answers that will take your video marketing to the next level!

WP Toolkit Video Magic REVIEW – Who Is It For?

This Will Work For Everyone!

And It Doesn’t Even Matter If You’ve Never Recorded A Video In Your Life

Generally, WP Toolkit Video Magic is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business

how does it works?


Our easy 1-click integration lets you quickly add your Amazon S3 and Cloudfront accounts to WP Video Magic. And you only ever have to do this step once!


Choose the video you want to add to your blog. It’s quick and easy to pick it from the intuitive drop down menu.


Do you want your video to autoplay and do you want to display the controls. Perhaps you want an order button to appear beneath your video after 5 minutes… no problem we’ve got you covered.



Then simply grab the shortcode for your video and insert it into any post or page on your WordPress blog to start showing your video… it could not be any easier!



Actually there’s no step 5… this is where you get to sit back, relax and enjoy the fact that your videos are finally working the way you wanted them to…


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WP Toolkit Video Magic
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WP Toolkit Video Magic REVIEW – PROS & CONS






IM wealth builders

Matt Garret is the one who is in charge of building WP Toolkit Video Magic.

He is very experienced in developing as well as launching revolutionizing tools that play a transformative part for a lot of online earners.

In fact, they are still useful so far: Cloud Defender v3 Local Edition,Easy Pro Funnels V2WP Simulator Local, WP Smart LinksViper CacheBlog Niche Tools, the list goes on.


This is the end of my WP Toolkit Video Magic review. So, I hope that my post will give you much useful information.


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