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WP Profiler - Instantly Boost Your WP Blog’s Speed By 500%


WP Profiler is a unique plugin that optimizes your WordPress site peak performance. This is an evergreen tool designed to solve real site problems faced by all WordPress webmasters. Here’s why we built this product…

WordPress Sites Are Needlessly Slow

It’s essential to optimize sites for higher rankings, better conversions, better user experience, lower bounce rates & lowering your ad spend…

At 3+ seconds load speed you are losing 50%+ of traffic at 20+ seconds you lose 95%+ of traffic according to Kissmetrics – visitors are becoming less patient… that’s a serious problem especially for WordPress users whereby the nature of the beast pages is notoriously slow.  

Right now the only WordPress optimization products on the market either cache, optimize your database, lazyload your page or mess around with your Java & CSS often breaking your site in the process

To Make matters worse 95% of products don’t optimize your site graphics (one of the most important jobs) & the ones that do charge $100’s per year.

So our competitors do half a job & still charge a fortune for the privilege while WordPress users still have no effective solution for optimizing websites.

Working of Wp profiler

WP Profiler is a combination of quick fixes & diagnostics that give you advice on how to fix your site speed issues – more importantly, we cover the Primary site optimisation factors – at best our competitors cover just a few factors & charge more.

Here’s what the product solves…

  • Speed Factor #1 – Hosting – Poor Global Connectivity Slows Down Your Site
    UNIQUE FEATURE – Our product diagnoses hosting connectivity issues in real time
  • Speed Factor #2 – Server – Poor Configuration & Inadequate Hosting Plans Cause Issues
    UNIQUE FEATURE – Our product diagnoses server configuration issues in real time
  • Speed Factor #3 – Themes & Plugins – Can Cause Load Speed Issues
    UNIQUE FEATURE – Our product profiles & tests theme and plugins load speed in real time, so you know where the speed hogs are.
  • Speed Factor #4 – Un-Optimized GFX – kill load speed & eat bandwidth
    OUR SOLUTION – Flawlessly auto optimises site graphics without the cost
  • Speed Factor #5 – Bloated Databases – Thrash Your Server’s Processor
    OUR SOLUTION – Does advanced junk cleanup

Cool Features

  • Daily Site Monitoring – It auto checks your sites config & operating environment
  • Theme & Plugin Checks – it checks your theme & plugin’s load speed impact
  • Image Optimisation – it losslessly optimises your site images

What wp profiler can do for you

Run Your Sites Up to 500% Faster & With 70% Less Bloat

  • Help Your Site Rank Higher in Google
  • Improve Your User Experience & Time on Site
  • Help Reduce Bandwidth & Hosting Costs
  • Help Reduce Your Ad Spend
  • Increase number of simultaneous visitors
  • Increase your opt-ins, sales & conversions
  • Reduce Bounce Rates – Increase Time on Site

Software Overview

Vendor:IM Wealth Builders
Product:WP Profiler
Launch Date:2021-Apr-08
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$17-$27
JV Page:http://wpprofiler.com/jv/
Affiliate Network:JVZoo 

How Wp profiler works

1-Click Install


WP Profiler is a simple plugin. This means it will work on any WordPress blog and that you can install and activate it with a single click… just like any other plugin.


Profile Your Blog


Simply run WP Profiler and you’ll get a detailed report quickly showing you all potential issues currently slowing down your blog.


1 Click Diagnostics / Recommendations + Auto Fixes


Our report will show you how to fix all the issues and most of them can be done automatically. That means you need zero experience, programming or technical skills to speed up your blog today.

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About Owner

IM wealth  builders

WP Profiler is created by IM Wealth Builders and their partner Matt Garrett. When it comes to business efficiency boosting, almost no vendor beats IM Wealth Builder!
This team only has a handful of products released, but all of them managed to become best-selling after just a few days of launch.

They have created most successfull products like-

  • WP Simulator Local
  • WP Smart Links
  • Viper Cache
  • Blog Niche Tools
  • WP Smart Links
  • WP Traffic Guard
  • WP Optimizer etc.

In fact, these tools have been earning them a position that every software developer longs for: the top of several leaderboards!

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